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Enabling FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles for ice core samples through the application of unique identifiers

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posted on 2022-01-12, 17:53 authored by Charles Kershaw

Physical sample curation has evolved dramatically over the last decade, advanced by the idea that physical samples and their metadata must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). Our first step in achieving these FAIR goals is through the use of unique and persistent identifiers. The National Science Foundation-Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF) is developing capabilities to assign unique identifiers to its samples to advance these FAIR principles for ice cores and derivative samples. In the process of achieving this goal, we are compiling controlled vocabularies, creating standard-based metadata profiles, and documenting best practices to facilitate adoption of these practices by other ice core repositories and users. We seek community input on all aspects of this work. This presentation was given during the 2022 ESIP January meeting held virtually in January 2022.