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Webinar #1_Introduction_5JUN2018_for ESIP webinar series on Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science data

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posted on 2019-08-13, 20:55 authored by Erin Robinson, John Leslie King, Francoise Pearlman, Jamie Kruse, Lea Shanley, Arika Virapongse, Jay Pearlman
As the first webinar in our series, “The Socioeconomic Value of Earth Science Data, Information, and Applications”, we explore the value and benefits that Earth Science data brings to society, including its contributions to economics and quality of life. The challenges and opportunities for enhancing Earth Science’s societal benefits are also broadly addressed. To offer a balanced perspective behind the meaning of “value”, our panel represents expertise from economics, earth science, data and informatics, engineering, social sciences, and policy. Panelists provide examples of different techniques and approaches that can be used to enhance socioeconomic value, such as citizen science, and highlight some communities of practice that are currently addressing these issues, such as GEOValue.