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The Critical Zones: Supporting Place Based Research

posted on 2019-07-31, 21:07 authored by Collin Bode, Martin Seul, Luigi G. Martini, David J Lubinski, Benjamin GalewskyBenjamin Galewsky
ESIP 2019 Summer Meeting Breakout Session, "The Critical Zones: Supporting Place Based Research" held on Wednesday July 17th.

We look at the history of data management for the the NSF CZO Network, a NSF funded network of sites focused on how components of the Critical Zone interact, shape Earth's surface, and support life. Each site has their own data management practices, with a central catalog aggregating information about well curated datasets. Each site leverages specific technologies such as Dendra, Geodashboard, Clowder, etc. We will discuss some of these local approaches and how in the last few years there has been an attempt at improving the central catalog by leveraging efforts such as CUAHSI HydroShare, together with some future looking approaches for a better federated data manager package.

Presentations given in this session include:

CZO Cyberinfrastructure History (Collin Bode, CZO, UC Berkeley)
Eel River CZO & Dendra (Collin Bode, CZO, UC Berkeley)
IML CZO & Clowder+Geodashboard (Luigi Marini, CZO, NCSA)
CUAHSI & HydroShare (Martin Seul, CUAHSI)
Migrating CZO (meta)data to HydroShare (David Lubinski, CZO, CU-Boulder)
“CZ Collaborative Network” NSF RFP (Luigi Marini, CZO, NCSA)