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Putting Spatial Data to Work for COVID-19 Response and Recovery

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posted on 2020-09-24, 20:29 authored by Estella Geraghty, MD, MS, MPH, GISP
The response to COVID-19 is providing significant insight into how to improve data, information products, and outcomes. With maps and spatial analysis, organizations are delivering deeper understanding of virus trends, increased awareness of impacted populations, insights about where resources are needed most, and transparent communications with community stakeholders and the public. Location intelligence helps communities ensure testing sites are accurately placed, personal protective equipment (PPE) inventories are tracked, communities adhere to social distancing guidance and surge management is optimized. From indoor space management to contact tracing and community resilience, Dr. Geraghty will highlight a range of applications and success stories from GIS users around the world who are putting spatial data to work to support their COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.

This presentation was given in the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Putting Data to Work Webinar Series on September 23rd, 2020.


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