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NOAA Fisheries Data Vision: Line of Effort 3 Fully Enable Open Science

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posted on 2023-07-31, 15:47 authored by Elizabeth Holmes

ESIP Summer 2023 Session, Presentation

NOAA Fisheries Data Vision: Open Data and Open Science

The journey towards robust Open Data and Open science within large organizations is hard with seemingly endless potholes and roadblocks and without maps or scouts to guide us, but this journey is necessary for both aspirational and mandated reasons. On the aspirational side, the robustness of NOAA Fisheries science in the face of the ever-evolving climate crisis and the future usability of our data and science depends on traveling this road. This journey is also mandated for federal agencies by the Federal Data Strategy and other policies regarding Open Data and Open Source.

The draft 2023 NOAA Fisheries Data Strategy is a multi-year plan for organization change towards Open Data and Open Science that defines the technology, processes, people, principles, policies, and best practices that are foundational to providing quality information and data to meet NOAA Fisheries’ mission priorities and “elevate data to the stature of publications”. This session will focus on our Fisheries Modernization Strategy and our four coordinated lines of effort within this strategy: 1) Strengthen and Enact Clear Data Standards and Accountability Metrics, 2) Scope and Implement Cloud-based Solutions, 3) Fully Enable Open Science, Collaboration and Continuous Learning, 4) Refine and Formalize the Operating Model for Modernization.


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