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Implementing Community Recommendations Into Research Data Infrastructures: Helmholtz as a Sandbox for a FAIR Implementation Network

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posted on 2022-01-13, 22:03 authored by Andrea Pörsch, Martin Weinelt, Emanuel Soeding, Pier Luigi ButtigiegPier Luigi Buttigieg, Helen Kollai
The Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration (HMC) offers a unique opportunity, to test and implement broadly agreed community data concepts within the limited scope of the Helmholtz Association, which were published e.g. by RDA working groups, ESIP, EOSC, DINI, or other stakeholder groups. For this purpose we are currently in the process of evaluating such community recommendations (as listed here ) as targets for possible FAIR implementation approaches.
To accomplish this, we plan to establish a FAIR implementation network allowing us to address such implementation targets together with our RDM and stakeholder communities. Implementation concepts should be thoroughly documented and published for consideration and potentially utilization by interested parties. After gaining experience with such a network on a smaller scale, we aim to make it available to interested initiatives and to a wider audience. This presentation was given during the 2022 ESIP January meeting held virtually in January 2022.


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