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posted on 2017-09-04, 13:29 authored by Tyler StevensTyler Stevens
I.Introduction To GCMD Keywords (20 Minutes)
§Overview of GCMD Keywords
§Open Keyword Community
§Rationale for Keyword Refinement

II.Communities Using GCMD Keywords (30 Minutes)
§“Use of GCMD Keywords To Augment Search Engine User Queries” (Lewis Mcgibbney, NASA/JPL)
§“Using GCMD Keywords for Data Discovery at the GES DISC” (Carlee Loeser, NASA/GES DISC)
§“More Rules, Less Committees: A Way Forward in Keyword Land” (Ted Habermann, HDF Group)

III.Open Discussion of GCMD Keywords (40 Minutes)
§Audience Interaction Activity Using Slido!

Goal of Workshop: Strengthen the ties between the GCMD keywords and the user community by determine the user’s needs and prioritizing future keyword releases and features based on those needs.


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