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FAIR Practices at SEDAC

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posted on 2019-10-25, 19:24 authored by Robert R. Downs
The Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC) is one of the Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) in the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Focusing on human interactions in the environment, SEDAC has as its mission to develop and operate applications that support the integration of socioeconomic and earth science data and to serve as an "Information Gateway" between earth sciences and social sciences. Across several themes, SEDAC provides open access to and fosters use of over 240 curated data products, within 44 collections. SEDAC also provides access to over 2000 open access maps and facilitates open access to a variety of services for analyzing and visualizing the Earth science data that it manages. SEDAC is a member of the International Science Council (ISC) World Data System (WDS) and the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and contributes to various international initiatives, including the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). SEDAC is operated by the Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN), a research and data center of the Earth Institute of Columbia University. CIESIN is an interdisciplinary department that works at the intersection of the social, natural, and information sciences, and specializes in on-line data and information management, spatial data integration and training, and interdisciplinary research related to human interactions in the environment. The SEDAC website is accessible from the webpage.


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