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Ease Leads to Exposure. Exposure Leads to Adoption

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posted on 2019-07-15, 04:30 authored by Dawn J. Wright
ESIP Summer Meeting 2019 plenary remarks about getting people to actually USE the resources that we’ve worked so very hard to build, and thus is in keeping with the conference theme: “Data to Action: Increasing the Use and Value of Earth Science Data and Information.” As we seek to increase the USE and VALUE of Earth science data and information, a helpful adage is that “ease leads to exposure” to a much broader audience, and that increased “exposure leads to increased adoption” of your data, your information, your best practices. There is really no “digital resilience” of our data and information unless our intended audiences are USING what we collect and build. But to make something easy is, in and of itself, NOT easy, and takes a LOT of scientific thought as well as fundamental engineering design and effort.