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ESIP Out2Lunch: Wrangling Uncertainty with Hurricane Explorer

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posted on 2020-12-01, 17:55 authored by Chris Lore

Wrangling Uncertainty with the Hurricane Explorer- Chris Lore, The Concord Consortium

The GeoHazard project ( is focused on developing learning materials exploring natural hazards as well as their predictability, impacts, and risks. GeoHazard developed a five-activity curriculum module ( to help students wrangle with the uncertainty in hurricane forecasts. Students now have the ability to run hurricane scenarios with Concord Consortium’s new Hurricane Explorer model ( Students use the model to learn about the factors that influence the track of a hurricane and the ways in which a hurricane has the potential to impact those in its path. tectonic plates on a sphere, choose the boundary types, and explore what happens as a dynamic plate tectonic model runs then investigate a data visualization tool to observe earthquake and volcanic eruption patterns along plate boundaries.




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