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ESDSWG 20222 Distributed Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Operations

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posted on 2022-04-11, 15:38 authored by Douglas Newman, Valerie Dixon

With the open-sourcing of the Common Metadata Repository (CMR) we have seen its adoption as an earth science data catalog by a number of organizations (NOAA NCEI and MAAP for example). Both activities have suffered from becoming out of date with respect to NASA EOSDIS’ CMR over time. This has caused problems in the area of security and adoption of new features. We proposal several measures to combat those problems,

Streamlining adoption

Leveraging existing best practices from industry

Creating new CMR-specific best practices

Establishing solid lines of communication between groups

And also seek ways to embrace opportunities associated with sharing CMR,

Promotion of an open source community, both in terms of taking from NASA EOSDIS CMR and giving back

Federation of discovery via distributed CMRs

This presentation was presented at the 2022 NASA ESDSWG Meeting (April 19-21, 2022).


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