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Creating a safe, equitable space for innovation and leadership - Presented at Winter 2018 ESIP Meeting

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posted on 2018-01-25, 18:37 authored by Denise HillsDenise Hills, Christine WhiteChristine White, 0000-0003-3814-6104
We all know that ESIP is at the forefront of making Earth science data matter. But, ESIP can be (and often is) a leader in other ways, including how we do science and how we support those who do science.

Unfortunately, science has not always been a supportive, accepting environment. More and more bad behaviour is being brought to light. How can we get ahead of this bad behaviour, and more importantly, exemplify fair and equitable behaviour? Further, how do we inspire inclusiveness, growth, synergy and positive change?

ESIP is a harassment-free zone, and ESIP’s Code of Conduct (1) is a great start.

SESSION GOAL: By exploring and welcoming other experiences, resources, and ideas, ESIP can be a model of a new place where these previously accepted behaviours become anathema.