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COVERAGE: An Intiative & Platform to Simplify and Expand the Accessibility and Usage of Inter-agency Satellite & in-situ Oceanographic Data

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posted on 2022-04-18, 15:57 authored by Vardis TsontosVardis Tsontos, Jorge Vazquez, Flynn Platt, Joe Roberts, Joseph C. Jacob, Mike Chin, Thomas HuangThomas Huang

COVERAGE project e-poster presentation for NASA/ESDSWG 2022. An overview of the "CEOS Ocean Variables Enabling Research and Applications for GEO (COVERAGE) project and formal NASA led initiative with the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) is presented. Both programmatic and technical aspects of COVERAGE, that seeks to simplify and expand the accessibility and usage of inter-agency satellite & in-situ oceanographic data, are described together with current ecosystem assessment application use cases for the Sargasso Sea and Eastern Tropical Pacific that are being developed with intergovernmental agency partners. This presentation was given at the 2022 NASA ESDSWG Meeting (April 19-21, 2022).




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