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Approaching Project Sustainability with Techniques from an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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posted on 30.01.2019, 19:03 by Michael Zentner, Juliana Casavan, Claire Stirm, Christine White, Annie Burgess, Erin Robinson, Ziheng Sun, Sean Gordon, Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Sustaining our data resources is part of the bigger issue of sustaining all research products. As we contemplate technologies to enable this, we must also consider organizational and financial enablements. The Science Gateway Community Institute (SGCI) recently conducted a session to work on characterizing 11 ESIP related projects in terms of concepts borrowed from entrepreneurship. These slides were presented at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Winter Meeting in 2019 in a session entitled "Approaching Project Sustainability with Techniques from an Entrepreneurial Mindset." The session included a panel discussion of some of the results and their applicability in a broader sense to sustainable data infrastructures and repositories.


NSF ACI-1547611