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Using Metadata Standards to Simplify Discovery and Navigation of Results

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posted on 2022-07-26, 16:18 authored by Hannah Collier, Maggie Davis, Richard Cederwall, Kyle Dumas


The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Data Center, located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is responsible for the timely collection, processing, and delivery of data products to the scientific community. Data producers and repositories are currently faced with the challenges of making ever larger, more numerous, and increasingly heterogeneous collections of data available to users. Beyond simply making the content available, it is necessary to simplify the discovery and navigation of relevant results for easier access. In particular, general searches are typically met with an overwhelming number of results which are difficult to evaluate for relevance. In this presentation, we share the work that ARM Data Center has accomplished in improving the search and discovery experience of such users. This poster was presented at the 2022 July ESIP Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.


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