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Towards An Effective Community Strategy In Harmonizing Quality Measures For FAIRness Assessment

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posted on 2023-07-13, 19:08 authored by Ge PengGe Peng, Robert DownsRobert Downs, Mingfang Wu, Nancy A. Ritchey, Ramapriyan, Hampapuram K., Zhong Liu, Parsons, Mark A.

This poster is intended to show the complexity of FAIR Principles and therefore that of FAIRness assessments, as a starting point for conversation and as a call for developing an effective community strategy in harmonizing quality measures for FAIRness assessment - not intended to be comprehensive with complete description of the contents. 

If you are at the ESIP 2023 July Meeting in person, stop by the poster at the Research Showcase session if you would like to learn more about this effort and/or missing pieces. Otherwise, contact Ge Peng (  We’d also like to hear from you if you already know all or part of the missing pieces!


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