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Toward an implementable framework of FAIR principles for Earth science data management and stewardship

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posted on 2019-04-03, 22:57 authored by Abdullah AlowairdhiAbdullah Alowairdhi, Xiaogang Ma
FAIRTool is a semantic web application to provide stewardship to Earth science research output. The tool will implement the 15 FAIR principles. The core of FAIRTool is the FAIR-O Ontology which will be built following these 15 FAIR principles. The web application will use FAIR-O Ontology to capture the 15 FAIR principle values and display them as metadata of Earth science research output. Through a technical pipeline, a score for each principle will be calculated and displayed as the FAIRness score of that research output. The formed metadata record from the FAIRTool can be downloaded as RDF file. The FAIRTool can be used by both researchers and data managers, as well as other users.


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