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Supporting Researchers in the Discovery of Data Repositories

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posted on 2021-01-25, 20:27 authored by Amber E. Budden, Erin McLean
How do researchers go about identifying a repository to preserve their data? Do they have all the information they need to make an informed decision? Are there resources available to help? There are a myriad of repositories available to support data preservation and they differ across multiple axes. So which one is right for your data? The answer is largely, ‘it depends’. But this can be frustrating to a new researcher looking to publish data for the first time. What questions need to be asked to detangle these dependencies and where can a researcher go for answers? This poster introduces some new activities developed through FUNding Friday to support researchers grappling with these questions, while having fun at the same time! This poster was presented at the 2021 Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Winter Meeting held virtually in January 2021.


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