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Semantic (Orbital) Sweep - Knowledge modeling and Semantic technology to clean Earth orbit and make spaceflight safer

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posted on 2021-09-29, 20:56 authored by Robert J. Rovetto
This is a poster, presented in the 2020 ESIP FUNding Friday session during the 2020 ESIP meeting. It is about the author's project to create a suite of knowledge models (ontologies, terminologies, metadata sets, semantic or conceptual models) for data and information about the near-Earth space environment, specifically orbital debris. It aims to create a set of computable metadata elements and modular ontology models that may be applied to support efforts to clean the Earth environment and make spaceflight safer. As unfunded work in the author's spare time, the project seeks support, formal collaborations, and work or PhD study opportunities for the author to realize the project vision. Please see for related papers as early as 2015 (such as R.Rovetto in Earth Science Informatics).


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