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SOS Explorer Virtual Field Trip: Science Literacy for Diverse and Dispersed Students

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posted on 2021-01-19, 20:23 authored by Jake Hinz, Anna Hinz
The FUNding Friday poster created and presented at the 2020 ESIP Summer Meeting was based on creating a way to take more than just 20 students on the Science Center field trip, not just replace the in-person field trip. With the SOS Explorer tool and some collaboration between the classroom teacher and the staff of JERSC, we can create Virtual Field Trips (VFT) that can be hosted by the JERSC staff, live-streamed by the teachers themselves, or recorded for self-paced viewing by students. In addition, this offers teachers the ability to engage 10 to 100 times as many students in the VFT, unconstrained by logistics, funding or time. Fundamentally, these VFTs can make science literacy accessible for diverse and dispersed students. This poster was presented at the 2021 Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Winter Meeting held virtually in January 2021.


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