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Open Air Quality Data: The Global Landscape

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posted on 2023-01-11, 17:23 authored by Colleen Marciel F. Rosales, Viraj Sawant, Margaret Isied, Russ Biggs, Chris Hagerbaumer

OpenAQ just released its 2022 global air quality data assessment that identifies countries or territories where no known air quality data are currently generated by government programs, pinpointing the most strategic locations for launching new monitoring and data-sharing efforts. It also identifies regions where a small, strategic investment in existing air quality data-sharing infrastructure could dramatically open up data access to the public. In this assessment, we: (1) Outline key criteria for sharing openly accessible air quality data, (2) Use these key criteria to describe the current global landscape of government air quality data accessibility to the best of our knowledge and to identify opportunities to fill air quality data collection and data-sharing gaps, and (3) Share this information in such a way that the air quality community can provide feedback, corrections and updates. This poster was presented at the 2023 January Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Meeting held virtually Jan. 23-27, 2023.


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