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NASA's Capacity Building Program: Connection Data and Users

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posted on 2020-07-10, 20:48 authored by Lauren Childs-Gleason, Nancy Searby, Christine Mataya
NASA's Capacity Building Program (CBP) works to empower communities around the globe to use Earth observation data and products in their decision making. Working through program and element activities, CBP is focused on engagement around user needs. A capacity building framework is used to identify the appropriate path for engagement based on geography, discipline, data needs and availability, depth of support required, partnerships involved, length of engagement, and desired outcomes. These decision factors determine which CBP element takes on the effort - ARSET, DEVELOP, or SERVIR, and which approach would be implemented - training or co-development. Each approach offers participants different benefits and leads to outcomes that fall on a spectrum from increased awareness to sustained use of Earth observations. This presentation was given at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting held online in July 2020.