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NASA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE: Cloud Types and Sky Condition tags within Sky Photographs Taken by Citizen Scientists and Matched to Multiple Satellite Data

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posted on 2022-04-12, 16:27 authored by Marile Colon Robles, Tina Rogerson, Jason Welsh

NASA GLOBE CLOUD GAZE allows citizen scientists to look at cloud photographs submitted to GLOBE by students, teachers and the general public through the program’s GLOBE Observer app and identify elements such as the presence or absence of clouds, dust storms, smoke plumes and haze layers. In addition, participants can identify cloud types and point out any other noteworthy observations — all by simply visiting the CLOUD GAZE project on the Zooniverse online platform. This presentation was presented at the 2022 NASA ESDSWG Meeting (April 19-21, 2022).


20-CSESP2020-0031; Community science project Leveraging Online and User Data through GLOBE And Zooniverse Engagement (CLOUD GAZE)


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