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NASA Airborne Facility Instruments at the ORNL DAAC: Opportunities for Open Access and Open Science

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posted on 2023-01-23, 14:46 authored by Michele Thornton, Scott Pearson, Rupesh Shrestha, Yaxing Wei, Chris Lindsley, Bruce E. Wilson

The ORNL DAAC is the assigned DAAC for three NASA airborne Facility Instruments that are NASA airborne optical sensing instruments: MASTER (MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator), AVIRIS (Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer) -Classic, and AVIRIS-Next Generation. For each instrument, two file sets; orthocorrected scaled radiance (L1B) and reflectance (L2) along with ancillary data, will be available for thousands of flight lines. As Facility Instruments, MASTER and AVIRIS instruments are available to a broad range of applications within NASA’s science research community. Discoverability is improved by a single archive facility that synthesizes critical components of metadata information as well as integrated flight catalog development. AVIRIS, MASTER, and other spectrometry instruments are similar in their opportunities for cloud-optimized data storage (chunked, compressed, N-dimensional) and file representation. This poster was given at the 2023 January Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Meeting held virtually Jan 23-27, 2023.


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