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Mapping the FAIR-DQI Guidelines to the GEO Data Management Principles

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posted on 2022-04-13, 14:44 authored by Robert DownsRobert Downs

An international group representing the scientific community has developed the FAIR-DQI Guidelines (Peng et al. 2022) to provide guidance for improving the collection and representation of data quality information to be consistent with the FAIR Principles (Wilkinson et al. 2016). The FAIR-DQI Guidelines are mapped to the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Data Management Principles to provide insight into how efforts to comply with the FAIR-DQI Guidelines contribute to the management of data. This presentation was given at the 2022 NASA ESDSWG Meeting (April 19-21, 2022).


National Aeronautics and Space Administration supported this work under Contract 80GSFC18C0111 for the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).


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