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Keywords for All People: How Keyword Governance and Coordination with the NASA ESDIS Standards Coordination Office (ESCO) Improves GCMD Keywords for Discovery and Use

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posted on 2022-07-26, 16:19 authored by Tyler Stevens, Valerie Dixon


The Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Keywords, initiated over twenty years ago, are a hierarchical set of controlled Earth Science vocabularies that help ensure Earth science data, services, and variables are described in a consistent and comprehensive manner and allow for the precise searching of metadata and subsequent retrieval of data, services, and variables. GCMD keywords are periodically analyzed for relevancy and will continue to be refined and expanded in response to user needs. The periodic analysis is a result of successful coordination with the ESDIS Standards Coordination Office (ESCO), which is responsible for standards activities across ESDIS, and assists with providing valuable stakeholder and subject matter expert (SME) feedback on GCMD vocabularies. The ESCO is also turning to the GCMD to discuss how the keyword review process can be improved and more streamlined. In addition to the ESCO, keyword requests and feedback are also received through the GCMD Keyword Forum. This poster was presented at the 2022 July ESIP Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.


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