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HMC: Towards a FAIR Data Space for Helmholtz Earth and Environment Data Infrastructures

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posted on 2023-01-18, 16:38 authored by Emanuel Soeding, Martin WeineltMartin Weinelt, Andrea PörschAndrea Pörsch, Pier Luigi ButtigiegPier Luigi Buttigieg


Towards a FAIR Data Space for Helmholtz Earth and Environment data Infrastructures

HMC Earth and Environment (E&E) strives to define, create and activate a Helmholtz FAIR Data Space (HFDS) as a "decentralized infrastructure for trustworthy data sharing and exchange in data ecosystems based on commonly agreed principles" (Nagel L., Lycklama D., 2021). Within HMC E&E the data space consists of common agreements to implement the FAIR building blocks, PID Metadata, semantic concepts, FAIR Data containers (e.g. FDOs) and agreed interfaces / APIs between Data Infrastructures. Implementing these building blocks will lead to internal interoperability of data. In addition a data integration system is needed, which will act as a data broker between data infrastructures, providing internal and external integration and data access opportunities. This poster was presented at the 2023 January Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Meeting held virtually January 23-27, 2023.



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