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Fostering resource integration: EarthCube Resource Registry

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posted on 2020-07-21, 18:48 authored by Stephen RichardStephen Richard, Ilya ZaslavskyIlya Zaslavsky, Ruth Duerr

The EarthCube Registry is intended to provide geoscientists answers to questions like:

  1. "How can EarthCube help me?"

  2. "What tools work with the data set I need to use?”

  3. “What EarthCube software components can I use to get my application working?”

The intention is a generalized registry of computational resources extending the data registry developed by EarthCube project 418. The scope includes resources such as software components, semantic resources, interface definitions, and specifications, with descriptive information to facilitate evaluation for reuse and where feasible to directly connect data with services, tools, and other capabilities to facilitate working with the described resource. The registry should enable EarthCube capabilities to be registered and exposed for both science research usage and for software developers building applications to support research. Knowing what components are available is a prerequisite for reuse of existing work. Providing documentation with consistent content and vocabulary will facilitate the discovery process and evaluation of fitness for use. The registry will provide a key knowledge repository for EarthCube practice. Several key requirements have guided development: This presentation was given at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Summer Meeting held online in July 2020.


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