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Earth Science Data Usages & Diverse Applications based on “User Tickets” at GES DISC

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posted on 2018-01-16, 16:12 authored by Chung-Lin Shie, Mary Greene, James Acker, Guang-Dih Lei, Atheer F. Al-Jazrawi, David J. Meyer

Motivation: Arguably the most renowned anecdote in the history of science could be: Young Isaac Newton was hit on his head by a falling apple (the Data!) when he sat in his garden, which inspired Newton’s brilliant insight and his eventual understanding and demonstrating of gravitational force (the Science!). This well-known coupling of “Data & Science” was the trigger for this “data analysis” study.

Background: This “Data & Science” analysis was mainly based on available and usable information of data usage and application compiled among the daily service inquiries from users, i.e., called “User Tickets”. Tickets were collected from 2013 to 2017. User identities have been kept “anonymous,” e.g., at most showing “A graduate student from USA.”