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EDI Profile for EML

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posted on 2020-08-11, 17:34 authored by Margaret O'BrienMargaret O'Brien, Gastil Gastil-BuhlGastil Gastil-Buhl, John Porter, Corinna GriesCorinna Gries, Mark Servilla, Duane Costa, Kristin VanderbiltKristin Vanderbilt
EML metadata records can be highly customized, with thousands of XPaths possible. Constraining practices to a subset of XPaths enables code development to be more easily scoped, and completeness of EML-generating tools to be measured. A profile should be informed by several features, among them: common patterns of current usage, community best practice recommendations, and indexing requirements. This poster presents common patterns of usage among EML datasets in the data repository of the Environmental Data Initiative from January 2013 to July 2019. This poster was presented at the ESIP Summer Meeting held in July 2019 in Tacoma, Washington.


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