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Development of a Cloud-based Data Match-Up Service (CDMS) in Support of Ocean Science and Applications

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posted on 2022-04-13, 14:43 authored by Nga Chung, Thomas HuangThomas Huang, Vardis TsontosVardis Tsontos, Stepheny Perez, Wai Phyo, Shawn R. Smith, Homer McMillan, Thomas Cram, Zaihua Ji, Kimberly Sparling

The Cloud-based Data Match-Up Service (CDMS) is a collaborative effort between NASA JPL, COAPS, NCAR, and Saildrone. CDMS is an extension of the Distributed Oceanographic Match-Up Service (DOMS) which was funded by the NASA AIST program. CDMS will provide a mechanism for users to input a series of geospatial references for satellite observations and receive the in situ or satellite observations that are matched to the primary satellite data within selectable temporal and spatial search domains. This presentation was given at the 2022 NASA ESDSWG Meeting (April 19-21, 2022).