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Designing Topic Specific Crawls: Comparing Algorithm Performance (Take 2)

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posted on 2019-01-30, 17:34 authored by Asitang Mishra, Ruth DuerrRuth Duerr, Sirijodha KhalsaSirijodha Khalsa, Chris MattmannChris Mattmann, Wayne Burke, Srinidhi Nandakumar, Omid Davtalab, Simin Ahmadi Karvigh, Prerana Math
The Polar Deep Insights, an NSF EarthCube project, is building tools that allow researchers to apply their domain knowledge to train machine-learning (ML) models that will help them find and analyze relevant content on the Web, leading to improved content discovery, information extraction and exploration. This poster was presented during the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Winter Meeting in January 2019.


Earthcube Building Blocks: Collaborative Proposal: Polar Data Insights and Search Analytics for the Deep and Scientific Web

Directorate for Geosciences

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