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Data Fusion Visualization for NASA CAMP2Ex Field Campaign

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posted on 2022-07-20, 19:24 authored by Larry Di Girolamo, Donna Cox, Robert Patterson, Stuart Levy, Kalina Borkiewicz, Jeff Carpenter, Rose Miller, Yulan Hong, Dongwei FuDongwei Fu, Stephen Nesbitt, Robert Rauber

Visualization of data fusion from one day's flight from a NASA airborne field campaign: CAMP2Ex, near the Philippines.   The animation brings together concurrent observations from the P-3 aircraft's many instruments, with in-situ and remote sensing measurements.   This filled a gap; there had been only limited existing tools for co-ordinating measured data across the multiple instruments.

See the references for visualization itself (several animations), and a paper describing the included data (70+ measurements) and how they are represented. 

This prototype treats only one day's data out of about 30 during that year's field campaign. This poster was presented at the 2022 July ESIP Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.



NASA CAMP2EX-16-0025