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Data Co-Citations: Implications for Interdisciplinary Use of Data

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posted on 2023-01-10, 14:48 authored by Robert DownsRobert Downs

Co-citations of data identify multiple data objects that have been cited within a single publication. Research articles that contain co-citations of multiple data objects identify relationships among the cited data within the context of the reported research. Two or more disparate types of data may be co-cited within a particular research article. Co-citations of socioeconomic data with remote sensing data indicate how these different types of data have been used together to pursue the objectives of the reported research. Identifying the disciplines of publications that have co-cited data from the NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center, SEDAC, along with remote sensing data offers insight into the interdisciplinary use of these data types for conducting research. Considering that each discipline represents a distinct knowledge base, studying interdisciplinary uses of SEDAC data with remote sensing data informs the development and provision of resources for supporting diverse uses of these data to conduct research. Research articles that co-cited SEDAC data and remote sensing data during the twenty-five year period, from 1997 through 2021, are analyzed in terms of the research areas represented by the co-citing journals to understand the interdisciplinary use of these data.  

This poster was presented at the 2023 January ESIP Meeting, held virtuall from Jan 23-27, 2023.


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