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Creating a Prototype Atmospheric Dispersion Digital Twin: Lowering barrier to data access and production

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posted on 2022-01-12, 17:51 authored by Stephen Haddad
Digital Twins present a new user-centric paradigm for developing and using weather & climate simulations that is currently being widely embraced, for example through large projects such as Destination Earth led by ECMWF. In this project we have taken a smaller scale approach to developing our understanding of the opportunities and challenges in translating the Digital Twin concept from the original domain of manufacturing and the built environment to modelling of the earth’s atmosphere.
This poster introduces the concept of digital twins, describes what we want to build and how, and some key lessons for future Digital Twin activities that we have learnt so far. This presentation was given during the 2022 ESIP January meeting held virtually in January 2022.


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