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Configured, Not Coded; Rethinking How the General Public Discovers Environmental Science

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posted on 2022-07-12, 12:58 authored by Jonathan Blythe, Emily Sandrowicz

To better serve the public, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Environmental Studies Program (ESP) is rebuilding its science dissemination tool, the Environmental Studies Program Information System (ESPIS). The target audience for this tool are users with little knowledge of ocean science and the engaged government agencies. Built on the ArcGIS Online (AGOL) hub, the tool uses large format infographic cards to give users options to browse among four science topics: Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Social Sciences. Under each science topic, the user can select from a dozen or more themes. Under each theme, the user will find a templated theme page that uses website widgets to search, sort, and filter curated lists of research projects, products, and applications. This buildable, sustainable interface enhances the public’s discovery of environmental science information. This poster was presented at the July 2022 ESIP Meeting, held in Pittsburgh, PA.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Environmental Studies Program