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Cloud-based Data Match-Up Service (CDMS)

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posted on 2022-07-12, 20:46 authored by Nga Chung, Thomas HuangThomas Huang, Vardis M. Tsontos, Stepheny Perez, Wai Phyo, Joshua Rodriguez, Riley Kuttruff, Shawn R. Smith, Jordan Gethers, Thomas Cram, Zaihua Ji, Kimberly Sparling

There is a need in the oceanographic community for a generalized match-up capability that is publicly accessible and provides flexibility and reproducibility for use cases ranging from Ocean Science to satellite retrieval calibration and validation. The Cloud-based Data Match-Up Service (CDMS) is a collaborative effort between NASA JPL, COAPS, NCAR, and Saildrone to address this need. This talk will demonstrate the present and planned capabilities of CDMS. CDMS is an extension of the Distributed Oceanographic Match-Up Service (DOMS) which was funded by the NASA AIST program, with additional support now under NASA ACCESS to deliver a production-ready match-up capability that fully leverages cloud-native services and is ready for infusion at data archive centers and with other projects. CDMS provides a mechanism for users to input a series of geospatial references for satellite datasets and receive the in situ or satellite observations that are collocated based on provided temporal and spatial ranges. CDMS eliminates the need for one-off match-up programs that require satellite and in situ data to be housed locally as the computation occurs in the cloud and supports connectivity to remote data providers via a common set of interfaces and protocols. CDMS exposes a number of HTTP API endpoints, allowing users to execute match-up requests from their desired programming environment. The software stack that enables the CDMS match-up capability is available via the Apache Science Data Analytics Platform (SDAP) which is an Apache incubator project. This poster was presented at the July 2022 ESIP Meeting, held in Pittsburgh, PA..




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