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Annotation of Units from Existing Metadata

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posted on 2023-07-13, 15:43 authored by John Porter, Margaret O'Brien, Mary MartinMary Martin, Marina Frants, Stevan Earl, Christine LaneyChristine Laney

A multi-institutional working group has been working on solutions to the problem of similar units being represented differently in ecological metadata, thus hindering efforts to integrate data. We have been able to link over 89% of 300,000+ unit instances in Ecological Metadata Language metadata to the Units Vocabulary and to develop tools for updating metadata with annotations linking different "raw" units (e.g., g/m2, g.m-2, gm/m2, gramPerMeterSquared) to a single URI (e.g., Such annotations will make it easier to associate and integrate data which use diverse raw representations of units.


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