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Animals on the Move: Using Technology to Track Marine Life and Understand Environmental Change

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posted on 2023-01-18, 19:34 authored by Chris Simoniello, Mitch Rider, Lori Anzalone, Mathew Biddle, Felimon GayaniloFelimon Gayanilo, Grant Craig

The poster contains content developed with funds from an ESIP FUNding Friday collaboration. Included are an artists rendering of elements of an animal tracking network, and three lessons focused on: 1) an introduction to animal tracking and its applications; 2) an overview of tracking technology and the benefits and challenges of various methods; and 3) a real-world example of a research project that used passive acoustics to understand the movement ecology of bull sharks. This lesson includes content on data analysis and good data stewardship and is targeted at Grades 8-12. This poster was presented at the 2023 January Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Meeting held virtually Jan 23-27, 2023.


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