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Anecdata Citizen Science Platform One-Pager

posted on 2021-12-01, 21:37 authored by Alexis Garretson, Jane Disney, Cait Bailey, Ashley Taylor
One page description of the tool.
Anecdata is a free online citizen science platform to support individuals and organizations in collecting, managing, and sharing citizen and community science data.
Create: Project managers create projects, choose data licenses, and create the datasheets.
Collect: Participants join projects and use the Anecdata website or mobile app to make measurements and collect data.
Share: Data are incorporated into the project and can be analyzed and shared!
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Anecdata is used by hundreds of individuals and organizations in 76 countries and 6 languages to gather, share, and access citizen science observations.
Check out our Project Best Practices Guide and Community Standards!
Questions? Get in touch! Email us at or @Anecdata_org

Developed by the Community Lab at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.


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