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Citizen Science School Garden and Community Arboretum

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posted on 2022-01-13, 17:40 authored by Becky Walters
Putting Data in the Hands of Students Arboretum project is moving forward. We have our PurpleAir sensor and are waiting for district install; we have ordered materials and collaborated with our wood shop to build benches, picnic tables & sign posts. Recently, one of our Biology teachers was diagnosed with a condition that has left him in a wheelchair. We plan to use some of the second portion of the money to make the arboretum more handicapped accessible by adding a ramp and limestone path. This project was funded as part of the FUNding Friday mini-grant competition held at the 2021 ESIP Summer Meeting. This project was also shared as part of the Research Showcase Poster & Demo Gallery held at the 2022 ESIP January Meeting.


Rebecca Walters