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ESIP Summer Meeting 2018, Session: Quantifying Value of EO Data via Socioeconomics

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posted on 2018-07-26, 15:43 authored by Robert DownsRobert Downs, Karen MoeKaren Moe, Robert S. Chen, Ben Hickson, Christine WhiteChristine White, Laura McNulty, Tripp Corbett
This session took place at the ESIP Summer Meeting 2018, and featured three presentations on approaches and tools for tying Earth Observations (EO) data with quantifiable business value. Building upon other ESIP threads such as the benefits of using EO data to build resilient communities, and spatial information as a key to link science, demographics, and economic value, presentations focused on business use cases for EO, how to connect observation data to economic datasets, and how to position EO research products. Discussion questions were presented and iterated upon during the session in a shared document. This proceedings entry includes the three presentations, and a copy of the shared document that captured presentation abstracts and the discussion items.